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Venus Necklace pregnant woman pendant

Venus Necklace pregnant woman pendant

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The power of the feminine energy force in a necklace inspired by Paleolithic Venus sculptures.
Ideal for a woman with fiery temperament and a restless who has no shame to show her divine creative power.
A necklace that stylists and editors of the main fashion magazines like.
Our production is of very small editions, so do not miss it if it’s available.



Necklace inspired by the archaic Venus sculptures.
Silver necklace with chain.
Sterling silver or 18k gold plated sterling silver.


Is said that Venus archaic sculptures represent the “Great Goddess”, who is connected with beauty, love, and fertility. The Venus necklace is a pendant with sinuous curves  of a pregnant body and a thin chain. A design-forward item that can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces from other collections. So you can mix and match it with different pendants to give your neckline mobility.
Do you want a tip? When you pair it with the Isis coin medal necklace, you’ll have a neckline that moves for your day-by-day look.

Did you know? The women figure and our creative force has been worshiped since ancient times. A sign of this are the numerous figurines called “Venus” found in various archaeological sites, sufficient to admit the important role of women in those prehistoric societies. What for some anthropologists has meant the verification of the existence of a primitive and common cult to the figure of a feminine divinity, The Great Goddess or The Mother Goddess.
Through these figures we remember and honor that universal feminine archetype, which seemed forgotten in time but which is increasingly current and necessary. The Paleolithic Venuses are a reminder of who we are, of the creative divinity that is found within each one of us.

“I’m Goddess”


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