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Scarab signet ring in jade carved “YO DIOSA” ☥

Scarab signet ring in jade carved “YO DIOSA” ☥

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A ring with a classic inspiration but a contemporary concept.
Empower yourself and connect with your divinity with our scarab. A message to remind you of your power directly on your skin.
It’s a limited edition, hurry up before we run out of our precious jade scarabs.


Signet rotating antique style hand made in sterling silver (925).
Jade carved beetle with the engraved text “YO DIOSA”, that means “I goddess”.

The scarab is an amulet of life and power, shaped like an Egyptian dung beetle, it is a symbol of resurrection in Egyptian mythology. It provides protection against evil, visible or invisible, daily giving strength and power. The inhabitants of Ancient Egypt believed that in death, whoever carried it acquired the possibility of resurrecting and being able to achieve eternal life.

Egyptians predominantly utilized signet, or seal, rings, which include a seal etched on the bezel that may be used by the user to authenticate papers. The name and titles of the owner were usually engraved in hieroglyphic letters on an oblong gold bezel on Egyptian seal rings.
Signet rings got their name from the Latin word “signum,” which means “sign.” They were first worn by religious leaders and Pharaohs. By pushing the face of the ring, which was originally imprinted with a distinctive family crest, into hot wax, these rings were used to mark and seal papers. Ancient Egyptian jewelry was prized for its beauty and power against evil and death, as well as its religious and symbolic importance. The Egyptians anticipated to enjoy wearing their finery in the afterlife, thus it was buried with both men and women.


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