Discover necklaces that intertwine Mediterranean elegance with spiritual resonance, each piece telling its own unique story.

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Elevate your aura with earrings that blend ethereal beauty and Mediterranean craftsmanship.

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Adorn your fingers with rings that capture the essence of spiritual elegance and Mediterranean heritage.

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Wrap your wrists in bracelets that resonate with spiritual energy and Mediterranean charm.

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Ear Cuffs

Experience the allure of ear cuffs, a blend of modern style and ancient Mediterranean vibes.

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Pin a piece of Mediterranean magic to your attire with our spiritually-inspired brooches.

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Embellish your hair with accessories that echo the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape.

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Shield yourself from the sun while embracing the spiritual journey with our range of hats.

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Tie up your tresses with scrunchies that reflect Tinnit's commitment to sustainability and style.

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Wear your spirituality on your sleeve with T-shirts that blend comfort with Mediterranean elegance.

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Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Stay cozy and connected to your spiritual roots with our range of sweatshirts and hoodies.

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Crop Tops

Flaunt your spiritual side with crop tops that are a testament to Mediterranean elegance.


Dive into a world of comfort and spirituality with bodysuits designed for the modern goddess.


Enhance your spiritual rituals with cosmetics that resonate with the soul and the Mediterranean essence.

  • Step into Tinnit's universe, where every product, from handmade jewelry to made-to-order clothing and spiritual cosmetics, tells a story.


    Our collection is a harmonious blend of Mediterranean heritage, spiritual resonance, and the art of handcrafting.


    Whether it's jewelry that captures the essence of the Mediterranean or clothing that embodies personal expression, or cosmetics that enhance your spiritual rituals, Tinnit offers a unique experience for every spiritual soul.

  • Why Choose Tinnit?

    • Diverse Range: From shimmering jewelry pieces to bespoke clothing and spiritually-infused cosmetics, we cater to all facets of a spiritual lifestyle.
    • Sustainable & Ethical: Our products are a testament to our commitment to sustainability, crafted with ethically sourced materials and produced with utmost care.
    • Mediterranean Elegance: Every item reflects the rich history and timeless beauty of the Mediterranean culture.
    • Unique & Personal: Be it jewelry, clothing, or cosmetics, each product is crafted to resonate personally with you.


What materials are used in Tinnit products?

We use ethically sourced gems for our jewelry, quality recycling fabrics for our clothing, and natural vegan ingredients for our cosmetics.

How do I care for my Tinnit products?

  • For jewelry, avoid direct contact with water and chemicals. For clothing, follow the care label instructions. For cosmetics, store in a cool, dry place.

Are Tinnit cosmetics suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our cosmetics are formulated to be gentle and suitable for all skin types.