Collection: Rituals Cosmetics and self-care tools

Rituals Collection - Tinnit

Embark on a holistic journey of self-care and spiritual connection with Tinnit's Rituals collection. Designed for the spiritually inclined, our curated range of cosmetics and self-care tools, including the revered gua shas, are more than just products; they're a bridge to holistic well-being, echoing the magic and traditions of the Mediterranean.

Why Tinnit's Rituals are Essential:

  • Natural Ingredients: Our cosmetics are crafted using natural ingredients, ensuring gentle care for your skin.
  • Excellence: Every product in our Rituals collection ensure quality and a personal touch.
  • Mediterranean Magic: Infused with the essence of the Mediterranean, our products resonate with its rich cultural heritage and mystical significance.
  • Holistic Self-Care: Beyond cosmetics, our self-care tools, especially the gua shas, are designed to enhance your spiritual and physical well-being, promoting circulation and relaxation.


  1. What are gua shas and how do they benefit the skin?

    • Gua shas are traditional Chinese self-care tools used in facial massages. They promote circulation, reduce puffiness, and can help in product absorption.
  2. What ingredients are used in Tinnit's cosmetics?

    • Our cosmetics are crafted using natural ingredients, ensuring gentle and effective care.
  3. How do the products resonate with Mediterranean magic?

    • Our products are infused with the essence and traditions of the Mediterranean, offering a unique spiritual experience.
  4. Are the products suitable for all skin types?

    • Absolutely! Our cosmetics are formulated to be gentle, making them suitable for all skin types.