Collection: Bodysuits

Tinnit Bodysuits Collection

Elevate your spiritual essence with Tinnit's Bodysuits Collection. Crafted with precision and love, each bodysuit is a testament to the Mediterranean elegance that Tinnit embodies. Whether you're seeking a piece for a serene meditation session or a day out embracing nature, our bodysuits are designed to make you feel connected and empowered.

Discover the Magic of Tinnit's Bodysuits:

  • Versatility: Our "Second skin bodysuit or swimsuit" is not just a bodysuit; it doubles as a swimsuit, making it perfect for both tranquil meditation sessions and sun-soaked beach days.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Tinnit is committed to sustainable fashion. Every piece is made-to-order, ensuring we care for Mother Earth as much as we care for you.
  • Mediterranean Elegance: Each bodysuit is a blend of Mediterranean magic and modern fashion, ensuring you stand out while staying true to your spiritual roots.


  1. Can I wear the bodysuit as a swimsuit?

    • Yes, our "Second skin bodysuit" is designed to double as a swimsuit, offering versatility and style.
  2. Is the bodysuit eco-friendly?

    • Absolutely! Tinnit is dedicated to sustainable fashion, and our bodysuits are produced made-to-order.
  3. Where are Tinnit's bodysuits crafted?

    • Our bodysuits are proudly made in Spain and across Europe, ensuring quality and authenticity.