Selene Necklace

From 60

Inspired by the full moon reflected on the waters of the Mediterranean.
With this necklace you can attract the power of the moon and the gem you need most in this life cycle.
A jewel that clients and stylists like and that is undoubtedly our best seller.
Choose the gem that best represents you and buy it now so that its power can be with you.

Meanings of gems and their moons:
Moonstone, or the Full Moon: The moonstone has the property of balancing and stabilizing emotions, it is related to menstrual cycles and feminine energy.
Black Onyx, or the New Moon: A gem traditionally used for protection, it is used in times of great stress and life changes.
Red onyx, Red Moon: Helps to achieve self-realization and reinforces self-confidence. Brings physical and spiritual harmony.
Labradorite, or lunar eclipse: Stimulates intuition, strengthens faith in the Self and trust in the universe.

Selene Necklace
Selene Necklace