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As you already know, an important part of the inspirations for my collections are goddesses. But what are goddesses? To understand the universe that configures the Myriam Moreno © brand, it is necessary to understand that these goddesses are different achetypical representations of The Goddess or universal feminine energy. The goddess is a constant in Mediterranean culture, from the representations of Palaeolithic Venus figures and cave paintings, the Greco-Roman goddesses, to the representation of the Virgin, a very important maternal archetype in Catholicism, whose figure is not so relevant in other manifestations cultural cultures of Christianity.

And why is the Goddess so important in my work? Because in my work, the recovery of this female genealogy in the form of myths (ancient religions) is part of the recognition of diversity and female empowerment. And how do we connect with our inner goddess? Here are some tips:

1. Connect with your goddess through visualizations.

It is very important to spend a few minutes a day or a week to visualize yourself, access the unconscious to visualize what you want to manifest, achieve or obtain in your life. Do it and trust your goddess, and thank her that she is already generating it for you. Do not confuse the visualizations with the goddess with the visualizations to manifest the “positive thinking” of which so much is spoken. Remember that this is not a matter of magic or asking some kind of entity outside of you. Communication is always with a part of yourself, that part of your unconscious that is not affected by your fears and beliefs and that knows that you are perfectly capable of achieving what you set out to do. Each visualization is one more step on the path that you yourself are traveling.

2. Conectar con tu diosa a través de mensajes positivos o afirmaciones.

Esto es algo similar a las visualizaciones, las afirmaciones nos sirven para reforzarlas y combatir los pensamientos negativos o ruido que puedan surgir. Los no puedo u otras cargas mentales pueden contrarrestarse a través de afirmaciones positivas. Pero las afirmaciones no son solo una lista de mensajes positivos que te repites en la cabeza como un papagayo a modo de reseteo mental. Es un ejercicio mental y emocional constante para quererte, la forma en la que hablas de ti, tanto a los demás como contigo misma es la que te ayudará a conectar con esa diosa que llevas dentro.

3. Connect with your goddess through mindful baths and rituals.

To connect with your inner goddess you can perform small rituals, these are important to be alone with yourself and connect with your unconscious to detect your fears and the positive messages and visualizations that your inner goddess wants to communicate to you. The bathrooms help us clean ourselves physically and emotionally, visualizing how all negative charges dissolve equally.

4. Connect with your goddess through exercise and care routines.

Like baths and meditation rituals, exercise rituals are another manifestation of self-love. In addition, exercise reduces stress and anxiety, which will help us meditate. It’s best to do at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise, followed by 15-30 minutes of meditation or breathing exercises or yoga.

5. Connect with your goddess through daily thanks.

In general, our mind connects with self-demand, either through internal or external noises. So one way to connect with your inner goddess is to thank her for something every day. An apprenticeship, something that has been achieved, or simply to help you be yourself or give you the opportunity to get to know yourself a little more every day.

6. Connect with your goddess through sisterhood.

Sorority is sisterhood between women. Our society has pushed us to compete with each other and compare ourselves. Changing this is accomplished through recognizing the strengths and accomplishments of other women, not as a competition, but a collective achievement. By changing the perspective from the individual to the collective, it is not difficult for us to recognize the virtues of other women. Always think that perhaps she herself is not aware of how wonderful you see her, tell her! All people like it and it helps them to be recognized for their achievements and virtues, share your positive opinions with love and you will receive the same energy.

7. Connect with your goddess through symbols and charms.

Not everyone needs material elements to connect with ideas, but as humanity, images and symbols have served us since time immemorial to connect with divinity. Even in religions that are based on the inner search such as the Buddhist, mantras and symbols are common. In this, jewelry has always played a very important role through talismans and amulets (Differences between talisman and amulet). Among the collections that we have any of the Goddess category, especially Venus, can serve as an amulet to connect with your inner goddess. You can perform any of the rituals that we share to load your pieces or simply wear a jewel as a reminder of your inner strength.

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