Christmas ritual

Christmas ritual

The Christmas holidays are the prelude to the end of a year, of a complete return to the Sun and that this 2020 we have more desire than ever to finish. This is one of the years in which we look forward to a new year that we hope will be better than the one we left behind.

So, in this year that we need more magic than ever, I bring you the first ritual to charge your jewels with positive energy, a prelude to what is coming for 2021.

For our ritual we will need a red candle that symbolizes love, a blue candle that will represent harmony in the home, a yellow candle and myrrh for economic abundance. Incense with myrrh stick or cone will also serve us if we do not find natural myrrh. A floral perfume, a paper, a pen and your favorite jewel. Any piece of Venus is ideal, but also Selene with its gems and its own properties if we want to give power to a specific aspect.

The perfect day to perform this ritual is during the winter solstice, December 21. Before midnight the candles are placed in the shape of a triangle and lit clockwise, the myrrh is lit and we wait a few minutes in silence with our eyes closed. We take a few minutes to reflect and activate the positive energy that we will need for the ritual.

Once we are ready to begin, we take the sheet of paper and write our wish list. We place the paper in the center of the triangle with the wishes facing up and place our jewel on the folio. We perfume our jewelery and paper and we perfume ourselves behind the ears and inside the wrists. We take other minutes, which we feel are necessary, to visualize the fulfillment of our wishes. At the end of the ritual we leave the candles lit until they are consumed. If any of the candles go out, relight them as many times as necessary.

When the candles have been completely consumed (they may take even more than 24 hours, be patient), store the paper in a safe place, preferably in an envelope inside a wooden box. And now you can put on your jewel.

Wear your jewel until your last wish is fulfilled and when this happens, take out the wish paper and burn it with its envelope. As long as you do, thank the Universe three times. Once you finish, your jewel will stop being ritualized and will need to be cleaned, so soon I will share with you some rituals to clean your jewels and gems.

I wish you the best for 2021, that all your wishes are fulfilled and very soon we can embrace each other as we have always done.

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